Summer Closeouts

No matter what the weather is looking like, hats are always a great accessory you can wear all throughout the year. At Dynamic Asia – Hat Closeouts we are all about saving big on fashion accessories, especially hats. We have plenty of closeout deals on bulk fedora hats and more. So let’s show you some of our amazing summer closeouts!

The Black Straw Panama Hat is one of our favorites and if you’re looking to purchase bulk fedoras you should give this hat a look. Its brim is a bit wider than a typical fedora but still has the same style. We love the open weave crown and grosgrain band with matching side bow. This classic comes in multiple colors so we have them to match every outfit!


And what isn’t more classic than a cowboy hat? If you’re looking to place a bulk cowboy hat order, take a look at the Tweed Straw Cowboy Hat. It has a faux leather band with buckle and it’s perfect for women or men.


But if you’re buying just for the ladies we have some of the ever so popular floppy hats. One of our favorites is the Wide Brim Sun Hat with Straw-Ribbon Mix in White. This hat is composed of a mix of paper braid straw and ribbon. And it’s superb for travel because it’s packable and crushable.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our site, Dynamic Asia and browse for bulk fedoras and more!

And if you need to purchase in smaller quantities, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC offers party hats; bulk orders are not needed. 

Stay cool and save more on hats!

-Team FBTC

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