Bulk Straw and Ribbon Hats

Straw hats are great for the summer because they keep you cool and give you sun protection. If you love the look of straw hats but need a little change take a look at some of the bulk straw and ribbon hats we have. They’re hats made of both materials and the different textures give them a fun look. Let’s check out some styles from Dynamic Asia – Closeouts.

If you’re looking to place an order for cheap hats wholesale take a look at this one. This ribbon crusher hat is made of high-quality grosgrain ribbon and has raffia straw trim on the edge and on the band with a small bow.  It’s perfect for taking with you on a trip because it’s packable and crushable. It also has a wide brim to protect you from the sun.

packable cheap hats wholesale

Another great wholesale style is this wide brim sun hat with straw and ribbon. It’s made of natural ribbon braid paper straw and polyester mixed braid. And it’s also perfect for traveling to a beach island getaway because it’s packable and has great sun protection. Shopping for cheap hats in bulk has never been easier!

straw and ribbon cheap hats in bulkwide brim overstock hats

Are you a retailer looking for some great deals on quality wholesale hats? Then check out our wholesale site, Dynamic Asia Closeouts to shop tons of styles of overstock hats and more!

If you need to place an order for smaller quantities, our parent company, Dynamic Asia Wholesale – DNMC offers a variety of straw hats in bulk at low buy-in minimums. 

Stay cool this summer in a straw and ribbon hat!

-Team FBTC

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