Bulk Fashion Accessories By The Dozen

Are you shopping for your retail store and looking for bulk fashion accessories by the dozen? At Dynamic Asia Closeouts we have a wide selection of wholesale accessories for women, men, and children. We sell everything from hats to scarves and more! Take a look at just some of the types of items we carry.

Scarves are great to buy all year long for your store. We have a variety of lightweight summer scarves including this crinkly summer fashion scarf that can also be worn as a beach sarong. It features two unique solid colors and small fringe and the ends. We also have heavier-weight wholesale scarves for the colder months. So if you need to place a bulk scarf order, Dynamic Asia has you covered!

buy bulk fashion accessories

And if scarves are not what you’re looking for we also sell factory direct hats at incredible prices.  In fact, you can get this wide brim women’s sun hat with high-quality ribbon braid starting at only $4 a piece! It also has UPF 50+ sun protection.

shop factory direct hats los angeles

Now that we’ve shown you the hats, let’s show you one of our wholesale handbags you can score. This large, handwoven seagrass straw handbag with beaded handles and twisted straw starts at only $6.75 a bag. If you need some handbags by the dozen, this is a great style.

handbags by the dozen for cheap

Are you ready to place your order for wholesale fashion accessories? Check out our wholesale site, Dynamic Asia to shop a wide selection of wholesale hats, bags and more!

And if you’re buying in smaller quantities, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC offers an array of fashion items. 

Stay chic and happy shopping!

-Team FBTC

Handbags by the Dozen

No outfit is complete without the perfect handbag and at Dynamic Asia we have plenty! If you’re a retailer looking to stock up and purchase handbags by the dozen you’ve come to the right place. So let’s start off by showing you a couple of our closeout handbags at wholesale prices in all sizes.

We have handbags small and large to fit everyone’s needs. The Straw Purse with Faux Alligator Trim is one of our smaller handbags and makes for an excellent day bag. This handwoven straw bag has a classic design with modern accents such as the brass hardware and colorful trim. And it starts at $4.75.



But if you’re looking for a slightly larger we have the Seagrass Straw Handbag. It’s available in brown, black and red and is a superb everyday handbag. This bag has a beautiful pattern and soft, braided faux leather handles.



And if the Seagrass Straw Handbag doesn’t hold all your necessities we have some overstock beach bags that have plenty of room. Our Large Crocheted Straw Tote has a colored striped design and also has faux-leather handles. You’ll be able to carry all your items securely with its magnetic top button closure and inner pocket.


Ready to buy by the dozen? Visit us at Dynamic Asia – Closeout Hats, Handbags, and Scarves for all your high volume fashion needs.

And if you’re not doing bulk orders at the moment visit our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC for wholesale accessories at cheap prices.

Always stay chic with the perfect handbag!

-Team FBTC

Buy Straw Purses by the Dozen

What’s the one accessory women can never have enough of? We’re talking about handbags! We have a variety of styles from many handbag distributors. And at Dynamic Asia you can buy straw purses by the dozen. So let’s let’s take a look at some bulk purses for sale.

Our Structured Straw Purse With Wood Handles is a classic straw handbag. This medium size bag is great for day use. Check it out in natural and striped below. This style also comes in black which can easily transition into night. We love the smooth oval wood handles because it makes carrying the bag a breeze. Starting at $5.75, ordering bulk handbags can also be a breeze!


And if you love the above bag but need a little more room then you will love the Rainbow Striped Straw Bag. This tote style handbag has sturdy straw and wood bead handles making it perfect for carrying all your essentials.



If your essentials require a handbag somewhere in between in size the Ivory Crocheted Straw Handbag might be for you! With a strap drop of 11 inches, this bag is comfortable over the shoulder. It’s made from 100% toyo straw and has a beautiful floral embroidery design. With bags like this, we make buying straw bags in bulk effortless.



Are you ready to get your handbags by the dozen? Check out these bags and more at Dynamic Asia and start saving on your order of bulk purses.

If you’d like to order in smaller quantities our parent company, Dynamic Asia offers an array of handbags; bulk orders are not needed.

We hoped you enjoyed this sneak peek of some of our straw handbags. Ciao!

-Team FBTC

Bulk Beach Bags

Looking for that accessory to stock in your store that every woman needs? At Dynamic Asia you can buy bulk beach bags because every lady needs a bag. Just click on Straw Handbags and Beach Bags to view the collection.

Feel free to stock up on beach bags in bulk because there’s never a bad time to buy when these classics always stay in style. Take our Large Crocheted Straw Tote for example. This striped bag is an accessory you can use time and time again.


Order yours! They’re available in orange, white and green.


And if you’re looking for cheap wholesale straw bags with a little more color you’re in luck because we have them! The Rainbow Striped Straw Bag makes a great statement piece. Who would have known that buying bulk straw bags would be so colorful?


If color isn’t your thing but a fun pattern is, check out this Seagrass Straw Handbag. It’s fully lined, has an inner pocket and a top zipper closure. This handwoven tote bag starts off at $5.45 a piece. What a deal for a large beach bag!



So if you are ready for cheap handbags at wholesale prices don’t forget to check out Dynamic Asia.

And remember, your beach bag bulk order is less when you order more quantities! Check out the pricing guide on each item for details.

Also, if you’re not ready for the larger quantities stroll on over to Dynamic Asia‘s wholesale site, our parent company for stylish accessories at wholesale price points.

Let’s all remember that keeping it classy doesn’t have to break the bank!  Buy beach bags by the dozen – or in bulk – and save those pennies today!

-Team FBTC

Bulk Winter Scarves by the Dozen

Now you can buy winter scarves by the dozen (or more!) and get deep discounts.

Where can all these amazing savings happen, you ask?

At Dynamic Asia of course!

More specifically, please go to our Bulk Scarves section, where you can shop our wholesale winter scarves, wholesale hat and scarf sets, and even our spring and summer scarves.

Buy Bulk Winter and Summer Scarves on Dynamic Asia

Aren’t those some amazing scarves you can buy by the dozen right there on the site?

What do you mean you didn’t click that link?  Well, alright, we’ll show you a few of the lovely fashion accessories you’ll be missing if you don’t click over there.

Alright, here’s a good selection of our wholesale winter and fall scarves available as low as $1.90 per scarf when you buy by the dozen or more!  Please see the individual product for pricing and details.

This fringe scarf is perfect for both coldweather seasons and the nights during the those warmweather seasons as well.


Don’t call it cheap, but you can by this next winter scarf by the dozen for under $2.00 a scarf!  (Okay, you can can call it “cheap,” but it’s only a cheap scarf in price – the quality is still outstanding!)



Beyond our amazing winter scarves, you can buy these beanie hat – scarf sets in bulk.  Go to Dynamic Asiaright now and get these soft, comfy winter accesessories while they’re still in our Los Angeles, California warehouse!


Not done yet!  Here’s a few more styles of overstock scarves you can buy by the dozen.




Are you done looking at the cheap scarves you can buy in bulk?  Ready to actually do some high-volume scarf buying, and stock your store(s)?

See all of our wholesale winter scarves for bulk purchase here:

Bulk Winter Scarves – Dynamic Asia

Stay warm, fashionable, and always buy your fashion accessories in bulk!

-Team FBTC


Buy Tote Bags, Handbags, and Beach Bags

When you’re looking to buy bulk tote bags or handbags, look no further than Dynamic Asia’s volume buys, the new site from established Los Angeles Fashion Wholesaler Dynamic Asia.  Here’s the page:

Dynamic Asia – Bulk Tote Bags and Handbags

Once you get to the site, you’ll find amazing deals, and phenomenal price points on bulk luxury handbags, beach bags, straw bags, and much, much more.

Of all the bulk fashion accessories sold on Fashion by the Case, our bulk purses, bulk beach bags, and bulk handbags really stand out.  They’re simply the highest quality you’ll find in a closeout deal, and can be sold at their regular retail price.

Below are a few of the bulk handbags found on Dynamic Asia, but there are many more coming in the days and weeks ahead.  So be sure to check back to the site regularly!

Remember, some of the closeout handbags below can be had for around $3.00 per unit when you buy by the case!  So don’t wait – they’re only available as long they’re in stock!  In other words, when we run out of stock, the great deals are done!



Aren’t those amazing bulk handbags and tote bags?  We think so too!

So get these overstock bags while you can – while they’re still in stock.

Go to Dynamic Asia today to start shopping for Summer Closeouts today.

Happy shopping!

-Team Bulk Fashion



Straw Bags Bulk

If you are looking to buy straw bags in bulk, you have come to the right place! As a bulk bags distributor, Dynamic Asia offers closeout wholesale handbags at competitive prices you won’t believe.

We offer our customers deep discounts on bulk handbags, bulk fashion scarves, bulk hats, and now we have some great straw bulk bags for your store or distribution. You can buy them in a dozen, case, or gross, but just remember – the more you buy, the more you save! If you want to start shopping now, please visit:

Bulk Straw Bags by Dynamic Asia

It is a great time to stock on straw bags anytime of the year, as the handwoven seagrass straw makes these handbags suitable for spring and summer, yet the neutral color of the straw also goes well with fall and winter. But hurry before these closeout handbags go out of stock because they are so popular!

You can buy these bulk straw handbags with braided faux leather handles for as low as $6.00 per unit, which is 50% off from its wholesale price of $12.00! How great is this deal?

These closeout handbags come in red, brown, and black:


Closeout Straw Handbags Wholesale

Bulk Straw Hangbags

Overstock Beach BagsAll of our overstock beach bags are all in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

Remember: the more you buy, the more you save, and who doesn’t want to save?

Thank you for reading this blog.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Fashion

Overstock Scarves

Are you looking to buy overstock scarves in bulk quantities? If your answer is yes, then Fashion By The Case is perfect for you!

As a bulk scarves, bags, and hats distributor, we are a B2B site that sells high quality fashion accessories at unbelievably low prices and offers deep discounts – the more you buy, the more you save!

Start Shopping Bulk Scarves Now

All the bulk scarves on our website are offered by the dozen, case, and gross. What’s more, they are all in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

Why buy bulk scarves in large volumes? The answer is simple. Not only do we offer them at an incredibly competitive price, but summer scarves are a fashion staple this season, as they are a super easy way to decorate an outfit.

On our site, you can buy our bulk scarves for as low as $2.25 per scarf, which is a great deal compared to the wholesale price of $4.00 per scarf.

Let’s take a look at these bulk scarves in a beautiful flower print pattern. Right now, we have summer scarves in black, white, beige, and brown, but there will be more bulk scarves coming!

Bulk Scarves for Sale

Scarves bulk

Bulk scarf


Scarves distributors

And don’t forget to check back on our site every week, as we have many new items coming, all offered to you at deep discounts. Remember, the more you buy, the more you save!

Thank you so much for viewing this blog.

Have fun shopping!

-Team Fashion

Bulk Fashion Accessories for Sale

Shopping around the world (wide web!) for bulk accessories for sale?  Look no further!

Well, look a little further…you are currently reading the blog for Dynamic Asia.  To go to the B2B site where you can start shopping right now, please visit:

Bulk Accessories for Sale by Dynamic Asia

There you will find bulk fashion accessories for purchase by the dozen, case, or gross.  These include bulk hats, bulk scarves, and handbags in bulk.

The price points are extremely competitive – these items are for stores or wholesalers who want a great deal, and can buy bulk fashion by the dozen, case, or gross.

Of course, the more you buy, the more you save.  Right now on the site you can buy these bulk hats for as low as $3.00 per hat.  That’s some serious savings over the regular wholesale price of $8.00.

bulk fashion accessoriesbulk hats cheapbulk lots fashionbulk straw sun hats

Looking for bulk scarves for sale (or on sale?)?  These floral print summer scarves have a MSRP of $10-$12, sell at a regular wholesale price of $4.00 per unit, but by buying in bulk, you can get them for as low as $2.25 per scarf!

bulk scarf - Fashion by the Casebulk scarves for salehigh volume fashion

Need to buy some handbags in bulk?  Here’s the latest bulk bags we’ve put up on our site:

bulk fashion straw bagscloseout handbags wholesalehandbags bulk

Below are a few more bulk accessories that will soon be for sale on our closeout website: Dynamic Asia. We are continually updating the site and adding items, so be sure to check the site regularly!

bulk scarf summer sarongs deep discounts - FashionbytheCasefactory direct hats caps women men - fashion by the casebulk accessories for sale scarvesbulk kids hatsbulk winter hatsstraw bags bulk volume fashionbulk cowboy hat4423-2Tbulk purses for sale

Really, new items every week.  Don’t forget to check back.

And remember, for deep discounts, buy all your bulk fashion accessories from Fashion by the Case.

Thanks for reading, and…

Happy Shopping!

-Team Fashion