Bulk Straw Bags for Women

It may be winter now but it’s never too early to start stocking up on bulk straw bags for your store. At Dynamic Asia – Closeout Bags we have great styles and are here to make your straw bags bulk shopping a breeze. So let’s start off by showing you some of the bulk straw bags for women that we have available now.

If you’re looking for bulk tote bags we have this large, handwoven seagrass straw handbag. It’s made with a handle of wooden beads and twisted straw. It’s the perfect size for a beach bag and will not all your essentials.

bulk tote bags for women.jpg

And if you’re looking for something a bit smaller we have smaller handbags bulk for you as well. This crocheted straw shoulder bag with flower embroidery is great for everyday use and is completely fabric lined and has a zippered inner pocket.

straw bags bulk los angeles

Lastly, we have this structured straw purse if you’re looking or small handbags. It has smooth oval wood handles, a top button closure and is made of 100% braided wheat straw. And what’s not to love about the rainbow straw design?

bulk handbags by the dozen for ladies

So, if you need handbags by the dozen head to our wholesale site, Dynamic Asia Closeouts to check out these items and more.

And if you’re looking for cheap bulk straw bags but want to purchase in smaller quantities, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC has many styles to choose from. And they’re all in stock now and ready to ship.

Stay on trend with straw handbags for the summer!

-Team FBTC

Wholesale Purses in Bulk

There’s never a bad time to stock up on handbags and here at Dynamic Asia Closeouts we have a wonderful selection of bulk purses for sale. Does your shop need stylish handbags in bulk at amazing prices? Check out just some of the wholesale purses in bulk we have available for you! 

Just check out this beautifully structured straw purse with smooth oval wood handles and fun, bright rainbow stripes on black. It has a top button closure, is completely fabric lined and has inner pockets. And it’s made from 100% braided wheat straw.

bulk lots fashion los angeles

Another one of our smaller purse styles is this toyo straw crocheted shoulder bag with flower embroidery. It has a top snap button closure, so all your belongings stay safe. And this one as well, like many of our wholesale handbags, is completely fabric lined.

shop factory direct bulk purses for sale

If you need something a bit larger in size our handwoven seagrass straw handbag is a spectacular style. It’s available in red, black and natural and its handle is composed of wooden beads and twisted straw. It makes for an excellent beach bag since it’s a bigger bag style.

closeout handbags wholesale for summer

So what are you waiting for? Come check out all our marvelous styles of closeout handbags at wholesale on our wholesale site, Dynamic Asia – Bulk Bags.

And if you need to buy in much smaller quantities and don’t want bulk lots of fashion, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC offers many styles of handbags and other accessories. 

Stay fashionable and shop smart!

-Team FBTC

Bulk Straw Totes for Summer

buy bulk straw handbags

Suns out, bags out! It’s that time of year to dust off those summer straw bags and hit the beach or go on a tropical vacation. If you have a store and are looking for bulk tote bags we have just that at Dynamic Asia. Here are some of the styles we have in stock, ready to ship from our location in Los Angeles.

Large tote bags are great for carrying all your essentials and that’s why we carry many styles in larger sizes. This one is made of handwoven seagrass and the handle is composed of wooden beads and twisted straw. It’s also completely fabric lined, has inner pockets and a top zipper closure.

straw bags bulk for sale

And if larger purses aren’t what you need we have a selection of overstock bags in smaller sizes. This structured straw purse has smooth oval wood handles, is fabric lined and has inner pockets. It’s made from 100% braided wheat straw. And don’t you just love the rainbow stripes?

shop closeout handbags wholesale

Speaking of rainbows, we also have a similar style in a larger size. This rainbow colored structured straw handbag is made of 100% wheat straw and has wood bead handles. And there are many more straw bags in bulk!

overstock bags los angeles

If you’re a retailer looking for great deals on closeout handbags wholesale check out our site, Dynamic Asia – Handbag Closeouts. You can browse our selection and place an order online.

And if you need to place an order for a smaller amount, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC offers cheap handbags in bulk at low minimums. 

Stay lovely with your straw summer tote!

-Team FBTC

Closeout Straw Handbags Wholesale and Bulk

It’s getting warmer which means it’ll soon be time to bring out those straw handbags. At Dynamic Asia – Bulk Hats we have many styles of closeout straw handbags in wholesale and bulk available to order. Let’s start off by showing you some of our handbags in bulk that are ready to ship now, direct from our Los Angeles warehouse.

The Natural Crocheted Straw Handbag is a great piece for spring and summer with its flower embroidery. This toyo straw shoulder bag is completely fabric lined and has a zippered inner pocket. Starting at $4.00 a bag, it’s a great addition to your order of bulk straw handbags.

closeout handbags wholesale.jpg

If you’re looking for something of a larger size the Large Crocheted Straw Tote Beach Bag is the ideal style if you’re looking for overstock beach bags. This bag is hand crocheted of paper straw and has faux-leather handles. It measures 19 x 13 x 8 inches which is the perfect bag size for a beach day.

straw bags bulk for sale

Another one of our marvelous straw bags is the Seagrass Straw Handbag. If you need to buy seagrass bags in bulk, this style is for you. It’s available in a few different colors and has soft, braided faux leather handles. It makes for a stylish handbag with its unique straw pattern.

bulk straw handbags los angeles

We have many closeout handbags at wholesale so head to our site, Dynamic Asia to shop bulk lots bags.

And if straw bags in bulk aren’t exactly what you need, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC offers cheap bags at low minimums. 

Keep calm and don’t forget your straw beach bag!

-Team FBTC

Buy Straw Purses by the Dozen

What’s the one accessory women can never have enough of? We’re talking about handbags! We have a variety of styles from many handbag distributors. And at Dynamic Asia you can buy straw purses by the dozen. So let’s let’s take a look at some bulk purses for sale.

Our Structured Straw Purse With Wood Handles is a classic straw handbag. This medium size bag is great for day use. Check it out in natural and striped below. This style also comes in black which can easily transition into night. We love the smooth oval wood handles because it makes carrying the bag a breeze. Starting at $5.75, ordering bulk handbags can also be a breeze!


And if you love the above bag but need a little more room then you will love the Rainbow Striped Straw Bag. This tote style handbag has sturdy straw and wood bead handles making it perfect for carrying all your essentials.



If your essentials require a handbag somewhere in between in size the Ivory Crocheted Straw Handbag might be for you! With a strap drop of 11 inches, this bag is comfortable over the shoulder. It’s made from 100% toyo straw and has a beautiful floral embroidery design. With bags like this, we make buying straw bags in bulk effortless.



Are you ready to get your handbags by the dozen? Check out these bags and more at Dynamic Asia and start saving on your order of bulk purses.

If you’d like to order in smaller quantities our parent company, Dynamic Asia offers an array of handbags; bulk orders are not needed.

We hoped you enjoyed this sneak peek of some of our straw handbags. Ciao!

-Team FBTC

Bulk Purses for Sale

Looking for bulk purses for sale? If so, I have good news for ya – Dynamic Asia is where you can find the great products for an even better price.

Everyone is looking for a steal. We don’t want to pay more if we don’t have to, right? With this mentality in mind, we are offering our products for a fraction of the cost. By purchasing a case, or even a gross of bulk handbags, you can save up to 75%! Now if that’s not considered a “steal,” I don’t know what is.

Let’s shift our attention to bulk straw bags sold by Fashion by the Case. If you want to go straight to the website to see bulk purses, simply click on the link below!

Bulk Handbags – Dynamic Asia

Today, we want to feature our bulk purses for sale! Let’s take a look…

Straw Handbag BulkBulk Straw Bag with Trimbulk handbag with pink trimBulk Straw Pursesbulk straw handbag for women

As you can see, this bulk handbag comes in four different fabulous colors: black, tan, burgundy, and pink. It comes with brass accented buckles and faux alligator trim. The straw makes it a perfect summer purse that women will love!

While supplies last, you can get these amazing straw bags bulk. Jump on it before it’s too late!

Visit us at Dynamic Asia and shop our volume buys!

Happy shopping!

-Team Bulk Fashion


Bulk Fashion Accessories for Sale

Shopping around the world (wide web!) for bulk accessories for sale?  Look no further!

Well, look a little further…you are currently reading the blog for Dynamic Asia.  To go to the B2B site where you can start shopping right now, please visit:

Bulk Accessories for Sale by Dynamic Asia

There you will find bulk fashion accessories for purchase by the dozen, case, or gross.  These include bulk hats, bulk scarves, and handbags in bulk.

The price points are extremely competitive – these items are for stores or wholesalers who want a great deal, and can buy bulk fashion by the dozen, case, or gross.

Of course, the more you buy, the more you save.  Right now on the site you can buy these bulk hats for as low as $3.00 per hat.  That’s some serious savings over the regular wholesale price of $8.00.

bulk fashion accessoriesbulk hats cheapbulk lots fashionbulk straw sun hats

Looking for bulk scarves for sale (or on sale?)?  These floral print summer scarves have a MSRP of $10-$12, sell at a regular wholesale price of $4.00 per unit, but by buying in bulk, you can get them for as low as $2.25 per scarf!

bulk scarf - Fashion by the Casebulk scarves for salehigh volume fashion

Need to buy some handbags in bulk?  Here’s the latest bulk bags we’ve put up on our site:

bulk fashion straw bagscloseout handbags wholesalehandbags bulk

Below are a few more bulk accessories that will soon be for sale on our closeout website: Dynamic Asia. We are continually updating the site and adding items, so be sure to check the site regularly!

bulk scarf summer sarongs deep discounts - FashionbytheCasefactory direct hats caps women men - fashion by the casebulk accessories for sale scarvesbulk kids hatsbulk winter hatsstraw bags bulk volume fashionbulk cowboy hat4423-2Tbulk purses for sale

Really, new items every week.  Don’t forget to check back.

And remember, for deep discounts, buy all your bulk fashion accessories from Fashion by the Case.

Thanks for reading, and…

Happy Shopping!

-Team Fashion