Bulk Straw Totes for Summer

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Suns out, bags out! It’s that time of year to dust off those summer straw bags and hit the beach or go on a tropical vacation. If you have a store and are looking for bulk tote bags we have just that at Dynamic Asia. Here are some of the styles we have in stock, ready to ship from our location in Los Angeles.

Large tote bags are great for carrying all your essentials and that’s why we carry many styles in larger sizes. This one is made of handwoven seagrass and the handle is composed of wooden beads and twisted straw. It’s also completely fabric lined, has inner pockets and a top zipper closure.

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And if larger purses aren’t what you need we have a selection of overstock bags in smaller sizes. This structured straw purse has smooth oval wood handles, is fabric lined and has inner pockets. It’s made from 100% braided wheat straw. And don’t you just love the rainbow stripes?

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Speaking of rainbows, we also have a similar style in a larger size. This rainbow colored structured straw handbag is made of 100% wheat straw and has wood bead handles. And there are many more straw bags in bulk!

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If you’re a retailer looking for great deals on closeout handbags wholesale check out our site, Dynamic Asia – Handbag Closeouts. You can browse our selection and place an order online.

And if you need to place an order for a smaller amount, our parent company, Los Angeles Hat Wholesaler DNMC offers cheap handbags in bulk at low minimums. 

Stay lovely with your straw summer tote!

-Team FBTC

Buy Tote Bags, Handbags, and Beach Bags

When you’re looking to buy bulk tote bags or handbags, look no further than Dynamic Asia’s volume buys, the new site from established Los Angeles Fashion Wholesaler Dynamic Asia.  Here’s the page:

Dynamic Asia – Bulk Tote Bags and Handbags

Once you get to the site, you’ll find amazing deals, and phenomenal price points on bulk luxury handbags, beach bags, straw bags, and much, much more.

Of all the bulk fashion accessories sold on Fashion by the Case, our bulk purses, bulk beach bags, and bulk handbags really stand out.  They’re simply the highest quality you’ll find in a closeout deal, and can be sold at their regular retail price.

Below are a few of the bulk handbags found on Dynamic Asia, but there are many more coming in the days and weeks ahead.  So be sure to check back to the site regularly!

Remember, some of the closeout handbags below can be had for around $3.00 per unit when you buy by the case!  So don’t wait – they’re only available as long they’re in stock!  In other words, when we run out of stock, the great deals are done!



Aren’t those amazing bulk handbags and tote bags?  We think so too!

So get these overstock bags while you can – while they’re still in stock.

Go to Dynamic Asia today to start shopping for Summer Closeouts today.

Happy shopping!

-Team Bulk Fashion